How I Used Relax Tonic to Stop Drinking Alcohol

I used to drink alcohol at night to "take the edge off". Little did I realize that alcohol was actually creating the "edge" that I was trying to take off.

Worry & stress is seemingly everywhere these days. Our minds have not evolved as fast as modern times and our brain will see a stressful email the same way our ancestors saw a threatening lion!  So we are living in a constant state of sympathetic overdrive and stress. Add to that the concept of what uncertainty does to our nervous system and we can see how the past few years has really done a number on us.

Anxiety disorders affect 40 million US adults every year.  If that number wasn’t staggering enough, the pandemic led to more.  Due to Covid 53% of adult Americans claimed that their mental health had been negatively affected in 2020.

What is causing worry and unrest? 

These emotions are hard to pinpoint is because they are multifactorial.  We could be anxious from circumstances in our lives, from poor mindsets, from trauma, lack of sleep or exercise, bad diet, lack of sunlight, poor gut health, hormonal imbalances and/or nutrient deficiencies.

With all of these possibilities it is important that we prioritize our mental health and our stress management daily. 

Where do you start?   

Get your metabolic health in order.  We know that having a healthy metabolic system is correlated to positive mental health outcomes.

You can check out my Metabolic Revamp Toolkit to get started.

Get the junk out of your diet, say goodbye to sugar and gluten, and start moving your body every day! Get sunshine and sleep! I cover it all in more detail inside the Toolkit.

It's a whole lot easier to kick the booze habit when you're metabolically sound, active, burning up excess energy and sleeping well.

My FAVORITE support through the tougher moments:

What if there was a product that both calmed the nerves and helped your metabolism, giving you more resilience over time? What if there was one product that supported healthy body weight, mood, hormones, lipids and glucose metabolism all at once? Well, there is! 

RELAX TONIC is what I use daily! It's my #1 selling supplement for a reason.

It contains ingredients that are going to relax and calm you within 15 minutes that also work double duty to help your blood sugar metabolism and insulin response. 


Inositol is vitamin B8.  It has many benefits!  It works acutely, and will have you feeling relaxed and happy within about 20 minutes.  It interacts with the nervous system and our neurotransmitter pathway.  It has been found to be effective in small human trials for depression, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder and anxiety. 

Inositol also helps you handle the sugar and the carbs in your diet and how you break down glucose.  This will impact your metabolism in a positive way.

In one study, middle aged menopausal women saw improvements in their blood pressure, triglycerides, and LDL levels after taking inositol.


L-theanine is a free form amino-acid.  It is what gives green tea its characteristic taste. 

 L-theanine is special because it can cross the blood brain barrier and affect the brain directly.  It will increase brain serotonin and dopamine levels which improve your mood, memory and learning.  It also stimulates alpha brain wave activity which can help make you mentally relaxed, focused and improved concentration (vs that jittery feeling you get with caffeine.  Calm and focused).  When taken at night before bed it can help you get into deep REM sleep. 

These are my two favorite ingredients in the product but it also contains the amazing benefits of highly absorbable Magnesium malate, GABA, and Taurine.  ALL of these ingredients help with relaxation, mood and metabolism.  

Make it FANCY!

Relax Tonic Fancy Evening Mocktail:

  • Start with a fancy wine or cocktail glass
  • 1 scoop of Relax Tonic
  • Pour Pellegrino over it (be careful here because it likes to bubble up!)
  • Enjoy!

This is what I swap out my evening glass of wine with, or whenever I want to drink alcohol. I get to have a fancy drink, feel wonderfully relaxed, sleep better and I HELP my metabolism instead of hurting it.




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