What's the Deal With Sweeteners?

Every once in a while someone will write in and inquire the trace amounts of sweeteners that are used in a few of my products.

I'm pretty anti-refined sugar in my content and I've been beating the drum for years about how addictive sugar is for people.

In some of my products I use monk fruit or stevia.

These are used in small amounts to take the bitter edge off the product's taste. 

I have no problem with monk fruit or stevia in small amounts, or any natural sweetener, for that matter. Small amounts are not a concern if one's metabolic health is in order.

Do I use either in large amounts in my diet? Absolutely not. I don't use ANY sweetener in large amounts because I'm not addicted to the taste of sweet. 

The tiny amounts used in a small scoop of my Relax Tonic, for instance, is not a concern to me.

We had to use something to sweeten up a few of the products and these were what I chose. I'm fine with them being in there. 

If you would like to dive deeper into my thoughts on sweeteners, I talk about it in more detail inside my Metabolic Revamp Toolkit

The bottom line is this: Nearly 100% of US adults are metabolically busted because modern humans are quite addicted to sweet things.

I suggest people learn to get that under control instead of heaping on piles of monk fruit sweetener or stevia. I don't love ANY sweetener in large amounts. This is not about replacing sugar, this about learning to live on less of it. Learn to drink your coffee black, for instance.

Better yet, build a slab of muscle on your body and get your metabolic health dialed in so that your cells can properly metabolize a little honey or even table sugar in a day. Get your cravings and addiction under control. 

I'm not concerned about trace amounts in a few of my products. If you are, please be sure to read the ingredients made available on every product before purchasing.